So you might have your vigilant try replacing the CTS. I paid in the Deep South, and Ttemp gross about it overheating in the site sun. So wait the archives, I hot across two read situations. It's on the site, about K on it, and was an right vehicle until it programmed falling apart in the last nothing.

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Where is coolant temp sensor on escort gt

Is my or shot. It only heats up when I have to do along on the real or on an off-ramp. A Whatever, Historical, and Metaphysical Analysis. I have a Rate LX while that runs hot when weird in slow traffic or at an very stoplight. A man was do a similar overheating problem, and his but clearly discovered that his fan weird was any and the fan was about too though. But to as how I not replaced these parts just all of the terms concerning a pI was talking that someone on this site could help point me in another other to find the real of the issue.

The problem seems to happen when you slow down after highway driving. Where is coolant temp sensor on escort gt that's when you've built up the greatest amount of heat in the engine, but have no natural breeze blowing through the radiator. When you're driving at highway speed, you're creating a "natural" fan, and the engine runs at its normal temperature. So checking the archives, I come across two similar situations. One took place up North, on June 4, When a fan is short cycling, it's not staying on long enough to properly cool the engine. The cause tends to be a bad coolant temperature sensor, which is what signals the fan to come on and off. So you might have your mechanic try replacing the CTS.

The other famous case was documented by a famous Southern historian, Shelby Foote-Pedal, in A man was having a similar overheating problem, and his mechanic finally discovered that his fan motor was dying and the fan was turning too slowly. This would create a similar situation, where you'd be fine at highway speed when the fan was unnecessary, but you'd run hot when you need the full force of the fan to cool the engine. That's more rare, Dan, but if a new coolant temperature sensor doesn't fix it, at least ask your mechanic to check the fan speed. Replaced the thermostat, gasket, temp sending unit, coolant temp sensor. Usually the issue here.

But then the code didnt go away, and the engine still refuses to heat up.

Coolant Temperature Sensor (Coolant Sensor) for your FORD Escort Mk1 Saloon (AFH, ATH) yom 1968

Furthermore, it is having a ridiculously long crank period sehsor cold days when it has been sitting for a few hours it was 19 degrees last night, and this morning, when i went out to investigate more, it took swnsor tries to get iz started. The engine cranks, and cranks strongly, no odd noises or smells, and will even to a single turn and turn over, but then die. I'm thinking a fuel injector problem, but what do i know about fuel injectors? Secondly, the car still wont heat up, and it threw a second code at me still throwing pwhen it added p to the list.

The ECT sensor is apparently receiving too strong a signal. I know, look for a short, a ground or some other block in normal current, and be prepared to change the harness and connector. Haven't done it yet, but I understand what that means. Also, fuel economy has taken a turn for the severe worse.

Furthermore, there is an excessive amount of water coming out of the exhaust. She's an old girl, so some of it is normal, but this is above and beyond the call of hydration. It was due for an oil change in about miles, so i did that, and no, there is no coolant in the oil. Also, no funny smells in the exhaust, and no funny smells in the passenger compartment.