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Escort zx2 belt

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How does the timing belt work? The timing belt is installed on the engine, behind the timing cover. This is zxx2 thick, toothed belt that meshes with the crankshaft timing gear and Escort zx2 belt timing gear. Lastly, the timing belt may also turn an additional gear for bekt water pump. Find a high quality auto repair shop or dealer near you x What are the symptoms related to a bad timing belt? If the timing belt failsthe engine will stall immediately. This is because the engine can no longer turn synchronously. The check engine light will illuminate on the dashboard in the event of total failure, and OBD trouble codes for misfires, crankshaft position, and camshaft position will be stored.

Also, when attempting to start the engine, it may sound different than normal. At worst, metallic clattering noises may be heard in the event mechanical damage. Can I drive with a timing belt problem? Do not rotate the crankshaft; as necessary check that it is still resting against the timing pin. The lug of the belt tensioner should not be hooked in the sheet metal cover during timing belt installation. Position a new timing belt in place.

Starting from the crankshaft timing belt pulley and Trashie sluts counterclockwise, position the timing belt in place while keeping it under tension. Incorrect timing belt tension will cause incorrect valve timing. Pre-tension the timing belt. Rotate the tensioner locating tab counterclockwise and insert the locating tab into the Escort zx2 belt in the rear timing cover. Position the hex key slot in the tensioner adjusting washer to the 4 o'clock position. Tighten the attaching bolt enough to seat the tensioner firmly against the rear timing cover, but still allow the tensioner adjusting washer to be rotated using a 6 mm hex key.

Tension the timing belt, working counterclockwise. Using the hex key, rotate the adjusting washer counterclockwise until the notch in the pointer is centered over the index line on the locating tab the pointer will move clockwise during adjustment. While holding the adjusting washer in position, tighten the bolt.

Replacing a serpentine belt

Tighten the bolt on the intake camshaft sprocket. Tighten the bolt Escorg the exhaust Escort zx2 belt sprocket in three stages. Tighten the bolt to 50 Nm 36 lb-ft. Remove the TDC peg and the camshaft alignment timing tool. Tighten the bolt to Nm lb-ft. Install a new oil plug seal. Screw in the new oil plug on the variable camshaft timing assembly. Turn the engine two turns in the normal direction of rotation by the crankshaft. Check the valve timing by inserting the special tools and correct the alignment as necessary.