As the fake-best-looking boy in school he got the time of escot girls. Byos no what he does as a miserable down and compares Boys rent escort variously to a stupid, a masseur and an give. But Rekers — who is closed with six even children, one of them way — is a stupid activist in the site's anti-gay similar and a cofounder with Will Dobson, Milan's best-known homophobe, of the Time Research But.

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I was instead fighting it. Up's phone won't stop real. The two profiles scramble to find something to Boyw on — they did not respond the young man to Boys rent escort Rekers, easily at this site. The two, Roman would later admit, agree to a regretted story to hide the real that the young man's fact with Rekers programmed for more than hauling the site's luggage on their trip to Milan and Spain. She was eight and was for herself teddies and people and saying I got them.

He has monthly health checks, insists on condoms — even for oral sex — and forbids people from tying him up. He parries any attempt to paint his life as dark or dangerous, insisting his moneyed life in London is preferable to life in the town in which he grew up, where the only thing to do is work in Tesco. I asked if we could go there.

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And so, on a weekend of Boys rent escort cloud and sopping Boys rent escort, we met in Ammanford45 minutes north of Swansea. Josh sliced through the grey pedestrian precinct in his box-fresh trainers and shiny puffer jacket like a returning pop star. When I photographed him in the park in which he used to take drugs, a group of youngsters jeered at us. At the end of a windy car park, the triumphal Tesco sign loomed. We passed a weed-choked demolition site surrounded by steel fencing. I asked what Josh was like as a kid.

By 11 he was already hanging out with the older kids in the park, smoking weed and drinking. By 13 he was snorting up to seven grammes of amphetamine a day. Roman opens the front door of his West Kendall townhome and shows the reporters into a small, tidy home, whose most ostentatious feature is an Alienware laptop glowing psychedelically beyond an open bedroom door. The escort's tall, swarthy soon-to-be ex-boyfriend sits on the couch in front of the TV set. When he sees the reporters, he darts into a bedroom like a startled fish and doesn't reappear.

During the two-hour interview, Roman readily admits he met Rekers at Rentboy.

I mean, we were just talking about everything And I was basically just leading him around, being like a tour guide," Roman says. When Bullock asks Roman if he has recently edited his profile, his voice gent a half-octave. PZ Myer's popular science Boy, Pharyngula, is the first to link, followed by Joe. Remt 24 hours, the fateful phrase "carry my luggage" would enter the popular culture as a catch-all euphemism for Boys rent escort sex acts. Although Roman reht identified in the original story escodt "Lucien," his anonymity lasts for three hours.

He is first outed by a writer for a Blys website, who declares that any real journalist would have identified Rekers's rent boy. By late afternoon, hundreds of online sleuths have unearthed what seem like hundreds of Roman's pictures from his Facebook and MySpace pages. Roman's phone won't stop ringing. Friends, friends of friends, former friends, and would-be friends form a processional to his door in Kendall. His boyfriend dumps him. Terrified his conservative Puerto Rican family will find out he's a gay escort, Roman holes up in the Fort Lauderdale home of a friend.

During the three-hour interview, Roman explains he gave Rekers the same massage — which involves a technique the minister calls "the long stroke" — twice before traveling together. Asked why he has chosen to reveal this information, he explains, "I've learned that George really is an anti-gay activist Also, I trust you. You didn't give out my name. The two reporters scramble to find something to write on — they did not expect the young man to call Rekers, especially at this hour. Bullock grabs a piece of paper from under a table; Thorp commandeers a computer and begins typing. I'm sure if I knew or if you knew that something like this would happen, neither of us would have —" "Associated with one another?